Vetiver... coming soon

Vetiver has been calling me and it is even in our New Moon Blend this month.


Here is a small bit of info that came through in intuitive writing. I think Vetiver is going to speak to releasing trauma.


This oil is the oil for being present in a way where non of your past comes with you. There is no space for you wounds or trauma in this moment. Just the blissful moment of freedom from it.  I think one of the reasons it is coming in, is to help interrogate life force energy that has been caught up in old stories and histories in this life as well as other life times. 


When we become still, we invite a peacefulness and a collection of the self. Collecting the pieces of the self.  Pulling all of ourself in. Creating wholeness again.  Mediation is so good for this right, but beyond quieting the mind, we can center on the heart and feel into a grounded, peaceful, freedom, whole self. 


The outside world can pull us or distract us in many different directions. Vetiver can bring us back into our own wise knowing and feeling that all is fine. The world will not explode without us.*** more on this at the bottom.


When we take this time to refuel and center/listen to our hearts and feel the love that is always around us, we can serve the world better.


Vetiver can guide us through change and growth with divine connection to our higher selves. You will be able to see yourself and other with more clarity and more love, forgiveness or understanding. 


Are you ready to open more doors to let the light come in? 



*** The world will not explode or fall apart with out us. Just as the roots of the vetiver grass holds on to the soil, when you dig it up it is a huge effort to get it out of the ground. We see that the root ball is a tangle of roots and soil that we assume are holding it all together. But what if we switched our perspective and saw that the earth, the soil was holding the vetiver. Feeding, supporting and creating space for the Vetiver grass to grow strong? We often think that we are holding the family together, the event together, the management of an office together. That with out us everything would fall apart. So I ask you, how is it all holding you together? How is showing up in this way, taking care of everything, giving you a purpose, feeding and creating space for you? Is is holding you together? Now I ask, what if you let it all fall apart, including yourself - when then can be recreated? Holding in any capacity can only last so long. We are ever growing, expanding. We are made up of energy and energy moves. When we learn this gift of appreciating the present, letting it move, pass, change and become again. We have centered ourselves in a lasting happiness. 

The Power of Ritual

On my window sill, in my living room, I see my New Moon blends lined up. My daily ritual waiting for me. They remind me daily to lean into ritual and its importance. I walk up and run the oils from my wrist to my elbow, my heart meridian. I give thanks, I smile, I take a deep breath and smell the tantalizing aroma. I slow if only for a moment, time freezes. It may seem to take time, but it gives back twice as much. My cup as been filled even just a little before I run out the door.


What I’m finding is that it is one thing to be familiar and know the trendy messages of “how good” self care, daily ritual and filling your cup, is for us. But when you start to actually implement it, its a whole new experience, a richness. I feel it integrating on deeper levels. My capacity is expanding. I’m showing up for people in a bigger and more generous way.


I notice feelings of connectedness to myself. I can hear my intuition more clearly. I can slow down enough to act on it, too. I feel safe and more sovereign as I move through the day. My long to-do list doesn’t nag at me as much. And my inner trust with myself and a higher power have deepened, is deepening. 


The last four months of hosing this New Moon circle have been a beautiful time of learning how I can be a host and still hide from you all. That on some level I am still believing that I am not the reason you are coming. “Its the oil blends.” I say to myself. “They want something more. Something familiar.” I convince myself. Its been a quick process of creating my own alignment with what this event is offering. I have add this and that and made it similar to other circles I have been to. I realized I was still worried you would think I am weird and totally out there.


And then I realized through pealing back more layers of hiding, that if I am to do this well. I have to show up as me, authentically me, and offer my gifts. Building trust that I can show up “doing me”, and that is perfectly good enough.


In this learning I am reminded to remind you that we are all gifts! Unique amazing beings. You have a special and beautiful flavor, found no where else. Even though this will be your own growth to believe it to be true, to believe in you, I am just hear to say it is worth it! You may have suppressed that ‘one of a kindness’. You may have lost touch with him or her. But their are still there. And it is TOTALLY worth it to get them back on line, find them and walk through the fear to bring them out. 


When we hold back the authentic wholeness of ourselves… well its like forgetting the salt and spices in your dish. Its like throwing a dance party without the music. So let me help you get in touch, turn up the music and toss in the spice. Your spice, that can be Chili Pepper or Tarragon. They all have their place.



As I get ready for this month’s circle I am surprised and not surprised. I am surprised because I have never felt the momentum of building energy on energy. Each New Moon event, we align to our hearts, our inner voice. We clear away energies that do not match us, that we most likely picked up from living our daily lives. We choose words, write sentences and focus our energy in a certain direction, the direction of our goals. 


With all this powerful action I am feeling the energies carry me through the month. Energies that were not there before. Like I said I feel connected to myself and my life in a different way, a tangible way. I notice the signs from the Universe and I see myself trusting my inner nudges and guidance. 


The oil blend enhances and keeps me close to my intentions, my hearts compass. As I integrate and use this daily ritual I feel the power of the message of my crystal talking in the secret language of my heart. 


May’s New Moon approaches and I feel invigorated and excited. If this momentum is a spark that is now smoking and starting to flame, then what will the next month and next moth add to this fire? 


I feel a new opportunity opening up to me. A new way of living as a more centered and balanced human being in this chaotic world. I feel the power of Spirit and the effect of when I show up, Spirit shows up 20 times more. As I say Yes, live is saying Yes to me. As I trust and slow and listen the more I am opening the door to more aligned outcomes. 


I am learning right along with teaching! Living ritual daily, honors that we are spirit in physical bodies. 




~Amber Jane Arquette

Rosemary : Oil of Self

Rosemary : Oil of Self

Rosemary can teach how to be humbly ourselves again. Relax into you. 

Rosemary shows us the essence of our own character. Amplifying the ability to be one’s self in the present. Who you are now, not who you have been or who you will become but the true self in this moment.

Lavender : The Oil of Blessings

Lavender : The Oil of Blessings

Often we know Lavender as the oil of communication but it is much more than that. It is the oil that allows us to give and receive blessings. The gift we get from Lavender, which allows us to  see the good in others, open us up to listen and communicate in a new way. Activating our higher conscious. 

Melaleuca : The Boundaries of a Butterfly

Melaleuca : The Boundaries of a Butterfly

The oil of Energetic Boundaries. It reminds us where our boundaries lie and helps us gently hold our boundaries in place, honored and respected - at least by ourselves. Inspiring us to saying "no" when needed.